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the cool control
for your favourite

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A joy to own & easy to use

Use your favourite services with ease thanks to our sophisticated hardware and refined software

A joy to own & easy to use

Use your favourite services with ease thanks to our sophisticated hardware and refined software

liza supports over 2,000 TVs, set-top boxes and audio devices such as amplifiers, receivers and soundbars via infrared.

Infrared signals can be configured extensively, the smartphone serves as a hub. Controls are optimised for Sonos, Philips Hue, Spotify, TV, Apple TV, set-top boxes and Roku.

Bluetooth devices cannot be controlled yet, but we continue to work on enhancements.

We also look forward to your suggestions on what we should integrate next:

Suggest feature

product design
Colour display
Intuitive haptics
7-day battery life
Wireless charging
7 million

Choose from a large pool of functions to personalise liza according to your own individual needs

Favourites are a convenient way to control a number of different devices and services on the same page

Play and pause

Select playlists

Shuffle and repeat

Adjust volume

Add to favourite songs

Turn on/off

Play and pause

Select playlists and radio stations

Shuffle and repeat

Adjust volume

More than 1 000 TV brands

Turn on/off

Change channel

Navigate on-screen menus

Adjust volume

Open channels + apps

Control tv + set-top boxes

Turn on/off

Select individual lights

Activate your favourite scenes

Adjust brightness

We don’t
know you

And that’s a good thing – we have no idea what you’re doing with your liza, as we don’t engage in tracking of any sort

That way it’s impossible to sell your activities to data brokers, so you can rest assured your privacy remains protected with liza

Companion App

Our free app allows you to set up your liza in no time and personalise it according to your needs

The connection between liza and your preferred services is established through your smartphone, which remains connected to liza via Bluetooth

You benefit from the fact that you do not need another device, while your data never leaves your smartphone

1 Connect

Pair liza with your smartphone via Bluetooth to set up your services and devices in a quick and easy way

2 Set up

Set up your new devices and services with just a few taps to provide effortless access to all features

3 Customise

Add new pages and fill them with your favourites right away thanks to our intuitive user interface

Designed, developed and produced in Salzburg


14 mm
46 mm
157 mm

46 × 157 × 14 mm
1.81 × 6.18 × 0.55 in
W × H × D

130 g
4.59 oz

770 mAh lithium-ion battery
Lasts up to 7 days
Qi wireless charging
USB-C charging port

Bluetooth 5.0

Companion app required
iOS 15 or Android 9 required
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

In the box
liza remote control
USB-C charging cable

User manual

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